The Tripartite Man The Tripartite Man



In Clarence Larkin’s book Dispensational Truth or God’s Plan and Purpose in the Ages, he describes man as a “trinity” made up of body, soul, and spirit. He then proceeds to compare the threefold nature of man to the three sections of the tabernacle.

From these references we see that man is a Trinity, and is composed of a “Body,” “Soul,” and “Spirit.” Man was made in the “Image of God” and God is a Trinity. The difference between plant and animal life is, that the plant has not “conscious” life, while the animal has a “living (conscious) soul.” The difference between animal life and human life is, that while animals have a “living soul” man has more, he has a “spirit….”
The Tripartite Man

The Tabernacle and its Courtyard is a type of the “Threefold Nature of Man”

The Tripartite Man

The “Threefold Nature of Man” may be illustrated by the Tabernacle…The Tabernacle and its Courtyard is a type of the “Threefold Nature of Man.” The “Courtyard” represents his Body, the “Holy Place” his Soul, and the “Most Holy Place” his Spirit…After the completion of the Tabernacle it remained empty of the “Presence of God” until the “Spirit of God” descended and took up His abode in the “Most Holy Place.” So a man may be complete as to body, soul and spirit, but his spiritual nature will remain unregenerate until the Holy Spirit enters and takes possession of the “spirit” compartment of his nature. This happens when the “New Birth” takes place. (97)
The Threefold Nature of Man The Tripartite Man

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