The Tripartite Man The Tripartite Man

The Definition

The Definition of the
Three Parts of Man:

In order to accurately and adequately define the spirit, soul, and body we must first identify the sphere in which each part functions. First and most crucial is the spirit, the faculty that enables man to communicate with God. With his human spirit, man can worship God, serve God, and know God intuitively. Second, the soul is that part which forms the personality of man and enables him to contact and function within the psychological realm. Finally, the physical body with its five senses enables man to relate to and communicate with the physical world. We will now examine each of these three parts in detail to see how they are defined throughout Scripture (Watchman Nee, Christian 9-10).

The Human Spirit

The Soul

The Body

The Heart

The Tripartite Man

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The Definition of the Three Parts of Man
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