The Tripartite Man The Tripartite Man



The purpose of this Web site* is to unveil the nature of man as a being composed of three parts and to explain how vital each of these three parts is to the fulfillment of God’s purpose. We describe this man as the tripartite man. Throughout history, seeking believers have discovered in their study of the Bible that man is indeed a trichotomous being created with three parts—spirit, soul, and body in order to enable him to contact and live within the spiritual, psychological and physical realms, respectively. An understanding of these three parts and of their particular functions is therefore essential in any attempt to explain either our human experience or our Christian experience. Furthermore, though all three parts of man were damaged by the fall of man, God has come in with His salvation in life to restore their proper function and to saturate them with His life. Thus, recovered mankind in his tripartite being may fulfill the lofty purpose of God to build up the Body of Christ.

  1. Scriptural Basis—A look at the biblical support for the tripartite man
  2. Historical Perspective—Seeking believers throughout history who have made the discovery that man is tripartite
  3. The Definition of the Three Parts of Man—A Biblical view of the composition the spirit, soul, and body with a special look at the heart
  4. The Functions of the Three Parts of Man—The unique function of the spirit, soul, and body
  5. God’s Salvation and the Three Parts of Man
    1. The Three Parts of Man Spoiled by the Fall of Man
    2. God’s Salvation for the Three Parts of Man
    3. The Divine Life Dispensed into the Tripartite Man
  6. The Tripartite Man Realizing the Body Life—The importance of the exercise of each part to realize the Body of Christ
The Tripartite Man

Scriptural Basis
Historical Perspective
The Definition of the Three Parts of Man
The Functions of the Three Parts of Man
God's Salvation
Realizing the Body Life